Are you cleaning face in correct mode?

Your skin is sensitive. It was also exposed to dirt, dust, bacteria, heat and other elements on a regular basis, your face is more susceptible to damage than other parts of the body, we all clean up special Priority must be given. Just twice a day is not enough. It takes more time than normal washing. On a recent blog, I talked about mistakes of shampoo we mainly do. Here we will talk about errors that will clean up the face we should not do.

Please wash your face more than necessary.

Wash too much, you can raise the age of your skin. If the face washing is too much, the face may dry out and wrinkle. Please do not wash away your face any more. Twice daily is enough. If you are almost always at home and do not make up, you should wash your face once a day. After taking a picture outdoors, or after exposing your skin to dirt and dust, please wash your face after the exercise.

Please use severe cleaning solution.

The soap is too strong for your face. It can cause irritation and cause irritation. Please try non-soap detergent. Hair xtensions, They may be a bit cheaper than your regular washing machine. But it should be considered as an investment for your skin. You are not good as it should.

Please do not shine your skin.

Polishing and scrubbing under the skin is not good for your skin. Proper skin scrub helps to increase the moisture and smoothness of the face. Let’s remove the dead skin from your skin and make it a fresh and shiny face. If you miss scrub, your skin is rough and dull. Scrub is one of the best ways to update skins. However, if you do not overdo, you may hurt skin cells. Depending on your lifestyle, 1 or 2 times a week is sufficient.

Please use warm water to wash your face.

There is nothing more than hurting your face on hot water. You can aging skin dull without damaging your skin. Also, if the water is too hot, it may even damage skin cells. The water for laundry must be cooler than the water used for showering at least 6 – 8 degrees. You need to use warm or cold water to clean your face.

Please use face wipe.

They are very useful. They are available. And, most importantly, it is a very good choice in winter, compared to washing with cold water.

If you think you have to think carefully. Hair xtensions,Facial wipes are not suitable for facial cleansing.

Yes, it is useful for removing makeup. But do not rely on them perfectly. Do not replace them with your regular face detergent. They can not remove dirt and dust from the depth. Also, rubbing them may damage your skin cells. Use them only when you can not wash your face.

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