Cool wig, you will like it more and more

The wig has a hat of the race. This is the reason why Remy ‘s hair wig can not be detected. They have the flexibility to choose the hairstyle you want.
There are many styles for trying hair style, but hair style has its own charm. They are easy. Ponytail on every occasion In this blog we will talk about a creative ponytail that can be made from our wigs. Remy’s wig

Bubble pony

As the name suggests, this hairstyle has bubbles with hair and it is bound by a horse. Pull your hair and tie in a classic horse using a distinct elastic band. Divide the hair by length and tie the elastic bands to clear these sections. Pull the hair gently to pull out each part to make a bubble. The most important part of this hairstyle is that you do not have to wig the wig or wear it in any other way.

Retro Down Horses

This classic ponytail is turquoise hair. Dry hair will be smooth. Let’s make side effects according to your eyebrows. Join the neck of your neck with a thin stretchy band you chose. Horses must be tight. This hairstyle is perfect for parties every day.
Horse in the sky

This is another classic hairstyle you have to try this summer. You look good if you have very long hair. However, even if you have medium length hair, you will not hesitate to try it. Brush up and bond it if possible. Bingo straight tail of a flat iron tail! That’s Nikki Mina’s hairstyle.

French ladder

This hairstyle is perfect for corporate functions, parties, strolls and so on. Further freeze for French requires further effort. However, the classic appearance seems to be memorable in shape. Midrange Prepare a French twist on each side. Work on your neck and fix it with the police pin. Then tie it with a tail elastic band using flat steel bingo!

Watch our video –
Hairy ponytail

You have to try this tradition. But chic ponytail splits the two hairs closer to your neck. The first part should be about 80% of the hair. The second part should be close to your right ear. Please bring the first part of your hair close to your waist with a clear elastic band. Now twist the second part and wind around the base of the ponytail created using the first part. It must cover the elastic band. Use police pins to organize under the horse!

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